BisquecaDeMendigavuDr.WilySteain Desprezado
Eraldo The HedgehogJasonMerda 42
Pato AssassinoPierre BaianoRenan The Hedgehog
TH-Craft Avenue WikiVeío Babaca que cai do TelhadoÁlvaro Toledo e Silva (Lightning)
File:06.pngFile:397152 288265524565114 46245463 n.jpgFile:458806 290471414363536 745379952 o.jpg
File:466405 562748343748575 602988208 o.pngFile:941970 187448618072746 70487431 n.jpgFile:Baiano.jpg
File:Divine RPG Mod Com Alvaro (Video Bem Editado) O Padre divino XDFile:Dr.WilyStain.pngFile:Eu pixelado.jpg
File:Example.jpgFile:Forum new.gifFile:Gameplay Shinobi 3 - The Return of ninja master e os aprendizes ninjas do baiano-1
File:Gameplay randomFile:Grilled porkchop.pngFile:Harry Legend análise - Dr.WilySteain Desprezado
File:Homem Brilhante BaianoFile:MM8BDM Especial 20 inscritosFile:MM8BDM O arroz do véio
File:MM8BDM O pato assasino de baianos gameplayFile:MM8BDM O pato assasino de baianos gameplay-0File:Mega Man Powered up gameplay - New Cutman
File:Mega Man Powered up gameplay - New Cutman-0File:Mendigo.jpgFile:Mike Tyson Punch-Out!! Análise - Dr WilySteain Desprezado
File:Random NES Review O Camelo que cagava sopa de TrigoFile:Random NES Review O Camelo que cagava sopa de Trigo-0File:Random NES Review O Camelo que cagava sopa de Trigo-1
File:Telhado.gifFile:The Kingdom Of The Sky, com Alvaro!File:The Kingdom of Tits DeMendigavu Reprise
File:The Kingdom of Tits DeMendigavu Reprise-0File:Treinamento doido.jpgFile:Uchiha itachi memories by shiryo no nai-d3cteub.jpg

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